Our Office Automation systems implement efficient, cost-effective, distributed, office automation solutions using the POWER of the WEB.

Our web designing services consist of everything from a common website designing to corporate or e-commerce web designing to the most complex Custom Web page designing

Our software solutions and components fit any size business. Systems can start as small single server departmental implementations and scale up to full, distributed corporate, mutli-location, multi-server environments.

We develop customized software with the following configuration

Operating System             : Linux / Windows
Web Server                         : Apache
Programming Language : PHP
Database                            : MySql

  • Since the front-end tool used in our software is a web browser, to operate our software is as easy as surfing the web.
  • Unlimited number of clients (Windows/Linux) can be connected to the server.
  • If the operating system is Linux, it is free from virus and cost of buying licensed software can be eliminated.
  • Our ground-breaking web design services at affordable prices help organizations across the globe in building innovative and business oriented websites since many years.

Few of oursoftware products are as follows:

Globally Accessible Accounting package with multiple Branches (ERP)
Manage depots, Stock in depots, Stock transfer, Share capital administration, Borrowing register, Pay bill, Ledger creation, Day book, Cash book, Bank book, Receipts and payment report, Trading and profit and loss account, Balance sheet.
Globally Accessible Vehicle Management System with for multiple Branches with Accounts

A mini ERP package capable of Issue Purchase Order, Purchase, Sale, Stock transfer in/out, Payroll, Accounts etc.

Accounts Management System - for Construction Companies
Maintain projects/sites, Maintain address book, Maintain receipts and payments of project independently, Print period wise receipts and payments report of each project.

Hospital Management System
Medical Checkup, Lab administration, IP and OP management, Billing & Accounts.
-Pharmacy Administration-
Stock, Sales, Billing, Sales returns, Credit sales, Credit returns

Institute Administration System
Faculty master, Course master, Fees Master, Student registration, Search student, course wise report of students, Fees collection and print receipt, Period wise fees collection report

Online Examination System
Exam name, subject and exam code creation, Add questions to each exam, Modify, delete and add question, Conduct exam and calculate exam result, Period wise report of exam results.

Software for Doctors for storing medical history (Ortho)
Register new patient, store Surgery and Diagnostics details, upload x-ray images, print discharge sheet and reports.



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