Industrial Painting

Deema has spacious, well maintained yard at Doha industrial area including machine shop and 20000Sq.m yard at Al-khor industrial area, Qatar

Deema has painting facilities for all type of coating systems including Ceramic coating both internal & external surfaces of pipes, vessels, Tanks, Structural & all equipment in the field & shop.


It will cool and lower your tanks internal temperature. It will drastically reduce the opportunity for venting pollutant gases, and the coating improves the outer appearance of your tanks. The application of Ceramic Insulation Coatings this tank has not vented in over two years.

The term "ceramic coating" is generic. It introduces a unique, revolutionary product that is used in conjunction with a variety of conventional coating systems,or in many cases,as a stand-alone replacement product.

The ceramic insulation crystals in the hand reflect the heat from the blowtorch and protect the hand from serious burns. The picture demonstrates dramatically the properties of ceramic coating. Ceramic Coatings significantly reduces surface temperature and controls radiant heat by up to 95%

Ceramic Coating is a superior spray-on insulation that:

  • Provides excellent insulation to steam pits & systems
  • Eliminates sweating
  • Adheres & conforms to any surface
  • Protects against corrosion, and high & low pH
  • Insulates & reduces surface temperature to OSHA standards
  • Saves space and allows visual inspection of insulation integrity
  • Is unaffected by moisture, breachment or UV rays
  • MSDS “not hazardous”

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